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Sarah Keith for General Sessions Court Division I

I am a lifelong East Tennessean with a heart for public service. Raised in Scott County, I grew up in Tennessee state politics with my father serving in the State Legislature. I knew from a young age that I wanted to serve the people of this State.

Now after living and working in Knox County for nearly two decades, I’m ready to take my dedication, hard work and experience in public service to the next level as your judge.

These courts handle cases from misdemeanors, felonies, traffic tickets, personal injuries, property claims, landlord tenant issues and many other situations. Everyone — victims, witnesses, people accused of crimes, officers, plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers — should expect that they are getting a fair chance when they enter the courtroom. The best judges from whom I’ve learned taught me that even if a party is unsuccessful, they can maintain respect for the system and the law when they are treated professionally and ethically.

That is what I will tirelessly strive to do.

I am used to working hard for justice. I want to continue that hard work on the bench as General Sessions Judge for the citizens of Knox County.

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Paid for by Sarah Keith for Judge. Carrie Standifer, Treasurer.